Call for Papers

The Graduate Students at the Dept. of Philosophy at the University of Utah Proudly Present:

The Tenth Annual Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference

March 21-23, 2013


Keynote Speaker: Lisa Downing

(Ohio State University)

Paper: “Locke and his Predecessors on the Status of Secondary Qualities”

Plenary Speaker: Dustin Stokes

(University of Utah)


Details: The Philosophy Department at the University of Utah is proud to announce the 10th annual Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference (IWSPC) to be held March 21-23, 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT. Papers in any area of philosophy by graduate or undergraduate students are welcome. Papers should be suitable for a twenty-five minute presentation. We anticipate a fifteen minute opportunity for commentary and Q & A following each paper delivery.

Submission requirements: Papers should be no more than 3000 words and should be prepared for blind review. Only one submission per author will be considered. The paper should be in .doc or .pdf form and be submitted electronically to UUIWGPC at gmail dot com.

Along with your paper, we ask that you also submit a cover letter including the following information:

  1. Paper Title

  2. Author’s name

  3. Subject area of paper

  4. Word count

  5. Abstract (100 words)

  6. Institutional affiliation

  7. Academic status (graduate or undergraduate student)

  8. Email address

  • Deadline: January 7th. (Notification of acceptance will be emailed no later than February 7th. Each student will present a paper and is also expected to provide commentary for another presentation).

  • Check out our facebook group: 2013 Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference.


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