IWSPC Home Page

Welcome to our website.

(Our most recent update includes the conference schedule (!), information about dining options in Salt Lake, and a general guide to the conference – check out all of the menus on the right hand side of this page).

Here, you’ll find information about our call for papers, about the conference (our 10th!), about our department, about lodging and transit, about snowshoeing, museum-ing, skiing… I’m your website host to the 2013 Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference at the University of Utah, and I’ll be your guide to getting involved with one of the most fun and helpful philosophy conferences the world has ever known!

Click on the navigation panel on the top, right-hand edge of this page to learn about our conference in detail.

  • Check out our facebook group: 2013 Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference.


2 thoughts on “IWSPC Home Page

    • Hi Brent – you should ask at the registration table if we’ve got them prepared. You can email Anna at the address listed on the home page of this website for a quicker response. (I could do this and relay that info to you, but it will be faster if you email her).

      Steve (WM)

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